Why Bailie CPA?

What do we offer that a "traditional" accountant doesn't?

Typically, a small or medium sized business will only have contact with their accountants if a problem arises, if remittances are due (payroll, GST, WCB, etc.), or if their year-end is due to CRA or lenders. Some owners, knowing that conversations with their accountant are not free, will hesitate to call for advice that could end up being beneficial to their company.

With Bailie CPA and cloud accounting, business owners are able to easily review their sales and costs online, and can call their accountant with a question without worrying about additional costs. Our goal is to help your small or medium sized business grow and support you with reliable information about your business and giving you the peace of mind your company is up to date with various remittances and filings.

By utilizing cloud accounting and reliable, secure software, we are able to keep our prices competitive, often significantly lowering the bookkeeping and accounting costs for our clients while providing a high level of service.

Why have a "virtual" record-keeper/accountant?

  • All data is stored online in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

  • No more physical receipts! Just take a picture with the smartphone apps for iOS or Android and forget about it. All records are stored in an electronic filing cabinet that is specific to your business which can be backed up to other services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.

  • All fees are negotiated up front and charged on a monthly basis. Fees are subject to an annual review, but are determined well in advance with no surprises.

  • Meetings can be done by video conferencing (with screen sharing to review financials and information together) or phone according to your schedule. We can also accommodate in-person meetings.

  • Keeping our firm as paperless as possible and working online means we are able to charge a lower fee than a typical accounting firm, passing the savings on to you!

Our Process


check out our packages

We know that everyone's needs are different and every business has a different budget. We have created 3 packages to choose from. We will discuss the packages during our initial call and determine which one will bring you the most value.


Since every business's needs are different and has different amounts of transactions and work involved, we price each customer individually. Once we know your business and your needs, we will send you a pricing model along with the services we will provide to make sure you know exactly what you will be getting with no surprises.

Let us provide service with exceptional value to you and your business


Initial Chat

First, we would like to get to know a little about you and your business, as well as give you a chance to ask any questions you may have. To avoid confusion or uncertainty, most of the initial questions can be found in the link right below!

Let us get to know you and your business goals



We will do the heavy lifting to transition your existing software to our system. After the transition is complete we will teach you how to use your new apps and work together to improve your business systems. Depending on your plan, you will also have ongoing access to an accountant for any questions using your preferred contact method (phone, text, Zoom, etc.)

We understand when you prefer continuing to use your current accounting system, and are still happy to assist.

Bring your systems online and experience the easier side of accounting!