Cloud Accounting Solutions

  • Ease of mind with accurate bookkeeping

  • Give real time information

  • Lets you focus your time on your business

Payroll Services

  • Simplify your payroll!

  • Employees paid directly to their accounts - no more cheques!

  • New employees, terminations, and related CRA filings taken care of

Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Basic tax planning

  • Corporate growth plans

  • CFO for hire

  • Custom services to meet your needs!

Personal Taxes 

  • Talk and work with CRA on your behalf

  • Assist or prepare self-employment income and costs

  • Prepare and submit personal tax returns

  • Set up online CRA access 

Tax Returns and CRA Filings

  • No more worrying about remittance due dates and preparations- we can take care of it!

  • T1s, T2s, T4s, T5s


  • Other filings as necessary

Automated Receipt Collection

  • Take a picture of your receipts with an app, then toss the receipt!

Financial Statement Preparation

  • Accurate and easy to understand financials

  • Can file Year-End with CRA

  • Partnered with fully licensed firm to prepare Notice to Reader (NTR) statements at no additional monthly cost